Friday, January 30, 2015

Complaint that this is a commercial site promotiong a business is "greatly exagerated".

Someone complained that SAGACTOROnline (see was a promotional site for my business. 

Even my Facebook sites promote others, but there is only enough on it to link to me (like my email address related to my as yet to launch business.

It seems that there must be a higher profile than I had thought. 

Too bad it is misunderstood (the site and all my work has been to help others and build the arts...that is why I am so broke and yet to busy and as best I can be, informed).

You will find news on whomever sends me the info. Many "competators" do not, but I still present it when I find it.

I always encourage study, with the teacher or school of your choice. I encourage doing theater, doing films (just do not become known as the person who will work for free instead of being paid), joining the union when you are ready and building bridges as often as possible through friendships and networking.

There are those who prefer an "us" vs. them mentality or who choose to belittle anyone they do no like, personally think less of or would like to see out of the way.

And no, there is no special promotion attached to this site. This is not my coaching site, as the complaint loudly proclaimed... is.

That said I am going to teach, through Casting Call, another company, two colleges and on my own.

Any help launching will be appreciated.

Art Lynch

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