Friday, January 2, 2015

There are No Actors in Nevada.

Once again I am hearing "there is no SAG in Nevada".

Someone wrote that they were told there were only 30 or 40 actors in Nevada.

Let me set you straight.

There are talented non-union actors, probably ten to twenty times that number, in the talent pool in Nevada. And we have thousands of union members who want to work with you. Whomever said thirty or 40 is miss-informed or trying to feed their own ego.

We have and active and large SAG-AFTRA Local in Nevada.

We have over 1,400 members of our local and as many as 5,000 SAG-AFTRA actors living in the state, most of them in Las Vegas.

Barbara Grant is local president and I sit on the National Board of Directors.

We are a new union of merged unions, so the old SAG structure is no more. 18 offices were closed for the cost effective and what senior staff and the majority of the board (which means mosty LA) felt to be a method of taking care of all SAG-AFTRA members and all SAG-AFTRA concerns world wide.

There is a list of contacts in LA (NYC for those living close to that city) plus a contact for our local here in Nevada (720.932.8193

or We also have field reps, organizers nd others who come to Nevada on a regular basis, including a newly added position who serves many of the locals who do not have offices.

Because we do not have any union broadcast stations, the labor intensive need for a local office under a new union (broadcast contracts are handled by station or group, not industry as with former SAG and most AFTRA contracts), nor is our local recording industry the center LA, Nashvillse. Memphis, New York and others have become. Even New Orelans and Austin. TX doe not have local offices, and in the case of Austin is is part of a larger local out of another city.

Until we as members organize local filmmakers into making films with union talent (single player low budget and web or full contract larger budget projects and commercials) we do not have the local contract to maintain and supervise. It is up to us, it really is, as members.

But as markets go we have one of the most active union locals in the nation, and we are always under the watchful eye of staff in LA and NYC dedicated to our local.

So there is SAG in properly called SAG-AFTRA.

Tell filmmakers and others to start using quality professional union talent.

You will be glad, and they will be thankful you did.

Art Lynch

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