Saturday, January 10, 2015

What do I teach?

What have you been up to?

A fellow SAG-AFTRA National Board member asked me what I teach and what is my expertise?

At Casting Call I coach actors or on camera acting, auditioning, share industry knowledge,the challenges of the industry, general acting for beginners and those who need to polish their skills. 

Along with the rest of the staff I assign in getting students ready for the real world of self production and marketing.

At Hollywood Casting I work with students ages 12 to adults (exclusive), man of whom have worked in the industry, coaching improvisation and other areas of acting.

Lynch Coaching is new, . To date this has been mostly private lessons working on an actors needs, and small groups. 

Also included are helping professionals in a side range of jobs and fields with speaking in public, talking to groups, business and group communication, public relations and marketing. I have done seminars on this subject for college faculty and specific employers in various parts of the country.

At Nevada State College I teach various college level communication courses at all levels of the bachelors program. For fifteen years I taught communication at the College of Southern Nevada, most of the time a full time load.

At the University of Phoenix I teach land based and hybrid courses in the humanities, including film, media, critical thinking and art.
I have a PhD in Education, an MA in Communication, am a dissertation short of a Masters in Theater and mutiple majored for a BA in Speech, Theater, Mass Communication, and SDC.

I have been an actor, voice artist, singer, journalist, broadcaster, marketing/advertising agency owner, teacher, leader and mentor.
My student references speak for themselves.

I do not encourage loyalty to me, but to my employer or to their craft. I often refer students to other coaches, schools or geographies. It is about being the best you can be at your avocation, profession, art, craft or sill and enjoying it. It is not about my ego or resume, but about the student and their goals and dreams.

Dreams can come true...It's up to you!

There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet personal, community, and professional needs.

How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it.

This is my basic philosophy.

I offer what I do to help you, to help others, and to move forward and evolve in all of our goals and dreams.

I welcome your ideas & feedback.

Art Lynch
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