Sunday, February 22, 2015

You need to “master the room.

When it comes to television and film, you can be an amazing actor, but terrible at auditioning, or a terrible actor, but wonderful, confident, and charming in auditions. You have to be “good in the room” as they say. You have to learn the fine art of auditioning (eye-lines, slating, cold-reads, working with one hour vs. half hour), as that is the gateway to you getting the job, and getting casting directors to “trust” you. Take an audition class, see yourself on camera, and learn how to “pop” on screen. You have to understand tone, the rhythm of television, what works on camera, how to take down your performance for a medium shot, how to embrace your personality, make strong choices, and be authentic.  - Backstage

Join us Friday nights from 6 to 9:30 pm at Casting Call in Las Vegas for 'On Camera Auditioning / On Camera Acting."..Free Audit. I teach that class, and am available through Lynch Coaching for privates and small groups..

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