Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What is SAG-e

People who list SAG-e of SAG Eligible are NOT MEMBERS OF THE UNION and do not pay for the support and serices they receive while on a SAG set working a SAG-AFTRA job. 

In fact is cost the union money at the expense of other services..

So what is SAGe? 

It does not exist except for the fabrication of Actors Access sign up. It means you have the voucher or vouchers to join SAG but are not a member and have not joined. Eligible. To professionals it means you are not committed to your craft, to non-union it means they risk you turning union. Either way it is a negative that so many are wearing with pride thinking it makes them look professional.

There is nothing wrong with remaining non-union until you are ready to make the commitment to do only union work and have the protections of a union.

Pre-union (not to be put in resumes) means you are working toward being a qualified professional performer and will join when you have the tools and are ready.

Do not, however, once you have your vouchers, keep working "Taft-Hartley", taking union jobs, as you are taking money and benefits, even food and shelter from qualified union professionals who need it. In effect you are also costing the union money and therefore taking away from potential services each time your work.

Working union past the vouchers to join, when you are pre or non-union, is in effect stealing from union members.

Keep doing non-union until your self-worth, talents, skills and heart tells you you are ready to join the professional ranks.

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