Sunday, June 7, 2015

If you can, please help with this immediate time sensative opportunity! NOT a sales or retail post...a favor from a friend...


Please pass on to others and do what you can to help.

Looking for an Angel to join us in renting the second office at the Casting Co-Op Studios. What we have in mind is either a sales office for public speaking and other studios or help launching a non-profit to do what we truly are actors, potential talent and members of the community who cannot afford expensive schools to develop audition skills, learn about the industry and find their own talents and confidence in acting, public speaking, leadership and creative projects.

We are looking at seminars by experts and talented giving indiduals both in town and from out of town offered a low or no cost  to the community in the areas of theater, film, video, presentation skills, communication and self confidence.

The investment would be as little as $100 a month to an ideal of $1,500 a month. No salaries or purchases would be made with the funds...only hard costs which are public or will be made public on request.

Trade of classes, coaching, and any talents or skills we have to offer can be arranged for the investment of time or funds.

Expertise in on-profit, sales, marketing, business is needed along with strong members for an on-paper board for presentation to investors and/or grants and scholarships.

Check out the staff and the basic services possible through Lynch Coaching, as well as many associates and contacts who have have yet to join us on our website.

This is an urgent request on a one time on immediate need.

Please respond as soon as you can with questions or if you can help.

Art Lynch Coaching​
(702) 682-0469

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