Sunday, June 7, 2015

My passion lies in the future of Lynch Coaching

Maybe it is because I do all this reading and research...

Maybe it is because I put so much time into teaching...

Maybe it is become students and clients come first...

Maybe is is because shows are gearing so young...

Maye it is because of a dumbing down of television...

But I am losing interests or not interested in most of the new television shows, content to wait for films to come to Netflix or cable, and if I miss them I miss them...

Yet I find the industry, my students, the trends and in some ways the programs worth the hours I spend without pay preparing these web blogs and Facebook Pages, sharing information and trying to meet the interests of those who take the time to check out posts here and on other sites.

Of course....I do have goals...

I am still very much on the National Board of Directors of SAG- AFTRA (not up to election this year) and active in the union for all talent, including the well being of those who are future members.

I still teach college (start a new film class a week from tomorrow at the University of Phoenix main campus).

I still teach when asked at Nevada State and other colleges and universities, including on-line.

And most of my passion lies in the future of Lynch Coaching, which was started to help people, to help others, to teach, to share, to grow.

We have small "classes" where we share, network, learn, and most of all hone audition skills, because there is less opportunity to audition here in Las Vegas than in LA, Chicago or NYC.

We network, share what others teach us, and believe in each other.

Beginners to advanced, it does not matter.

The acting coach portion (unless you count the privates I have always taught over the years) is only two months old and has fewer than a dozen total students, no more than six at any given time.

I hope to keep it that way...but need to pay bills.

Friday was cancelled last week due to a special event, low student cofirmation (vacation time and other factors), and pressure to attend the reunion of actors I have known for 30 years. That will seldom happen. I guess the stars were in alignment.

If anyone came after I left, please forgive me and give us another chance. RSVP at 702-682-0469.

We have class Monday at 6:30 at the Casting Co-Op Studio.

I am seeking funds from any source to rent the other office ASAP (it will go fast), someone to help in sales and markeing in the next phase  (exciting and not all about acting either), someone to help with social marketing and business....

If you know of anyone you can contact me directly.

Also, there is the potential of going non-profit (pay for those who are in a position of working) to expand the helping others portion of the mission.

Contact me concerning any aspect of this post at 702-682-0469.

Classes forming for July now...

Afternoon classes for teens and pre-teens starting in the fall.

And a willingness to work with other actors, schools, teachers, coaches, agents, managers and casting directors to help talent in this market, from hobbyist professional, beginner to those ready to launch a career.

Art Lynch
(702) 682-0469

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