Monday, December 26, 2016

Ten Rules for Beginning Actors

From my own observations and Las Vegas Actors on Facebook:

1. If you DO NOT have an Actors Resume and Headshot, you shouldn't be submitting for work.

2. A reel is now digital, kept short and easy to submit (under 1G, under two minutes. Speed reels are picking up in popularity but actors need both.

3. No negativity in any capacity! The business is negative enough and does not want you adding to it. Keep it positive and keep it optimistic.

4. For Posted Casting Calls please understand Many Agents, Casting Directors, Production Companies, do NOT like comments or questions. If you meet the requirements and are available, they want you to submit. NOTHING MORE- NOTHING LESS! 

5. They definitely don't want to work harder by watching, reading, or answering anything! So please try not to give updates, tell your availability, make jokes, or ask questions. Proper etiquette would be this only- Submitted, Booked, Thank you. 

6. Study your craft. No matter how much you think you are a natural, remember that there is a reason successful actors take classes, graduated from quality schools, are always practicing their craft. It is like exercise for the mind and your abilities. To be ready you need to be fit. As an actor that means trained and prepared.

7. Do your research and in depth work on character, place, scene and the full value of or real value of a role to the overall story and script. Never go in unprepared. You may be lucky more than once, but for a career you need to be prepared and ready to become what they need when they need it.

8. You do not need an agent or manager, but they can help. Actors self submit all the time and land work. If you have an agent or manager make sure they have the proper connections, relationships and know what they are saying when they give advice or direction.

9. Network. It is who you know, or what friends and associates share with you. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. But do not lie, cheat, steal or misrepresent yourself in any way. You will be found out, and the results can cost you a career.

10. Be true to yourself. Find time to relax. Enjoy family and friends. Love what you are doing. Be a good person others want to now and work with. If you are not...then use who and what you are to the best of your ability and take what comes your way.

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