Saturday, July 11, 2015

The State of the Arts Today

Something I was thinking about concerning the current state of film, music, acting and art in commercialized form today... There seems to be a current trend that goes something like this: Not to be confused with "less is more," but there is a definite consistency with LESS ABOUT PEOPLE AND MORE ABOUT STUFF. Some of the biggest movies, biggest actors, biggest figures in music seem to be on this mindset. But why? Why is it that when we watch movies today that there is such an emphasis on needing A LOT of CGI special effects? To wow kids? I haven't met one kid who said "WOW! Special effects!" He or she was more likely to say, "I think The Rock is cool! Or I freakin' love Mark Wahlberg!!!" and then I look at these actors and I think, "Where are the actors that really made me feel something and weren't just part of the scenery?" Even George Clooney in 'Tomorrowland' seemed like he was very detached from everything going on in the film. Lyrical content is pretty thin these days compared to even 1990's music and most of this generation's heroes seem to be acting like idiots.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying take away any of the positives that are going on in TV series, certain amount of indie films and webseries, but it seems like we have become so complacent as an audience that it's no wonder Michael Bay makes so much money on Transformers films because... IT HAS STUFF IN IT? I could literally see those films online for free, but for some reason... people want stuff than to actually understand people. If director William Friedkin was right, then we are just as responsible for eating all this up because... we have no other choice supposedly?

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