Sunday, October 18, 2015

Unofficial National Board Report October 18, 2015

“We are the greatest union in the world…for actors we are the standard!” is how National Executive Director David White describes SAG-AFTRA. David says this is where he wants to remain, a part of the “union of the future.”

It is up to us, the membership, to keep this union strong, and build toward an even brighter future. Thank you to all of you who take part in local events, including the recent SAG Foundation Events, Halloween Parade, Holiday Parties, SAG Award Screenings and Membership Meetings. It was good to see the SAG Foundation return to Nevada, as one of many member-centered services we have been working on from the national and local levels. Do check out and take full advantage of video and other services at the new There are many services for members and their families available if you must take a look and ask.

Thank you to all of you who tell others about our union, who evangelize the need for unions and who help turn “SAG-Eligible” (there is not such status) into SAG-AFTRA members.

You are not in violation of Rule One if you audition for non-union work, only if you accept and do the work without a union contract. The power to help organize and to build future work in Nevada is in your hands. Show those hiring that union means talent. And report anyone who works without a union contract to your union.

Harsh words but a building block for supporting the union which has given us gains in both the commercial and theatrical contracts, provided the first ever music video contract and unified entertainment union professionals under one umbrella, SAG-AFTRA.

I have worked low budget roles under contract, background and principal, after auditioning and using gaining help from union staff to organize a project. You can too.

Being a members is not easy.

A member reported SAG-AFTRA members on non-union sets and demanded the union do something about it. Read your card and the agreement you made when you joined the union. To help organize and stop non-union production it is up to you, the member or future member, to turn the actor in. Supply proof if possible, or at least have the dates they were on set or anough about the scene and movie or commercial they appear in to be traced. Call your union. Cotact Julie.

And do no assume that they were working. On several low budget and web contacts union talent may work on projects that have not been unionized if they have a SAG-AFTRA contact for their work.

When in doubt, cal.

The holidays are coming fast and with them a time for family, friends, comrades and location shooting.

If you wish to work keep in close touch with your agent, the location background casting companies and the Nevada Local SAG-AFTRA Production Updates on Facebook (contact Bobbie Wolff).

Feel free to contact me on any issues you may have concerns with which I should take to the national board or committees.

Together we can make 2015, 2016 and beyond union years here in Nevada!

May you have the best of holidays and a very happy new year!


Art Lynch

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