How to find auditions

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How to find auditions

Work in Nevada requires hustling, study and the tools.

Recently a student asked me where should they go to audition.

My answers:

Keep up on this and other blogs.

Network with friends and filmmakers.

Ask others at the audition to add you to their lists to contact about auditions.

List with agents (click here).

List with known licensed casting directors (click here).

SAG Indie (national- click here)

Visit and make contacts through the Nevada Film Office (click here).

Casting Call Entertainment and Dark Water Productions (click here)

Join Nevada Film Alliance (click here)

Join the Nevada Film Group (click here)

Join the Film and Television Artists of Nevada (click here).

Join UNLV Film ( here).

Network at UNLV film department.

Network with CSN film and video students.

Help activate the Nevada Talent Network (click here).

Participate in Women in Film (men welcome, click here).

Las Vegas Singers and Actors Meet-up (click here)

If you have other contacts, ideas or lists,
please pass them on to me at

Thank you in advance.

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